What is Blonoo?

At Blonoo.com we are dedicated towards making thrifting more convenient and efficient. As an online consignment and thrift store we allow you to buy the things you need in your home at affordable prices. This means that we give you chance to get affordable high quality products which you would have otherwise gotten at high prices when they are new. We have a mission of changing how people usually see thrifting and we wish to accomplish this through providing products which are in good condition at awesome prices. This is very helpful because i know you do value your money. We ensure you are able to save and at the same time get quality products which will be helpful to you.

Our journey started in 2015 as an idea in San Diego California. This journey started with Christian Santacruz the founder who come to blonoo.com to look for opportunities. He is a drop out from college and as a result he properly understands the importance of saving. He also has a good understanding of how people struggle to get quality products without having to spend a lot of money. These aspects motivated him and he still dedicated to making our online consignment and thrift store the best.

The things that we do to ensure that you are optimally satisfied include that we have a quality department that separates the goods. the main importance of having this department is to unsure all our customers get quality products. We make sure that anything that is not of the right quality is not included in our products. This is our way of making sure that you will get full value for what you spend since all our products are of the right quality 

We also provide you with a wide selection of products to choose from. This is meant to ensure that our customers can get almost everything they need without having to look anywhere else. Through this we are able to save time of all our customers because they do no need to go anywhere else. We are firm believers of that thrifting is the most ideal ways of getting what you want without having to spend a lot of money and time.

We also ensure that we listen to all our customers. This is to make sure that we know what the customers want ando how they want it. Because of this we are able to make sure that our customers are optimally satisfied. Considering that all products are of the right quality we can say that you will not struggle anymore especially financially  while looking for the things you need in your home.